The process of making a website dynamic is called web development.
Many programming languages ​​are used to make a website dynamic but the most popular among them are php and python.

✅ In simple words, when we go to any website, thousands of functionalities are added including login & sign-up comments, which is basically web development.
The use of php is very high on the website. If you develop a website with php, its speed is slightly higher than python.
Moreover, the world’s most popular cms (content management system) uses php.
WordPress development has been done.
So PHP is very old and the online library is very big.

✅ On the other hand, if we talk about python, python is very simple and user-friendly, almost all the functionalities used in it are like different words in real life.
If a new person wants to become a web developer then he is asked to learn python instead of php because python
easy to understand

✅ Moreover, python is used everywhere from framework to desktop software, but even if it is made with php, it is not used much.

✅ Python’s online base debugging library is huge
Python occupies a very large place in various platforms including stuck overflow & github. This php and python are used a lot in web development.


✅ Now, what is web development?

Think about it, there are many products in an e-commerce site, all the products need to be deleted, and updated constantly. To do this, they need an admin panel of their website from where they can easily add new products, delete, deactivate, etc. can work

✅ Also, how many people have bought the product and how many are in stock, it is necessary to know the details about this database and the admin panel, if you want to depend on any website, the complete work with php is web development.

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